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Also Sasa Yoga is aspceted by 11th lord Sun and 9th lord Mercury. Though in navamsha Saturn is debilitated but the aspect of the 9th lord of navamsha Jupiter and 3rd and 6th lord Mercury is making Saturn strong for a political career. Andrew Carnegie wealth was enormous and is ranked in top 5 of wealthiest person ever in history. All these examples show the power of Sasa Yoga which can make one rise on top despite all odds in life. The examples I gave here shows all these people had a very humble beginning and with persistence and support of Sasa Yoga they rose to the top in their respective fields.

Also, in all example horoscope, Saturn is associated with functional benefic lords which are strengthening Sasa Yoga. If you see Sasa Yoga in a Horoscope follow these steps before declaring results on it. If above-mentioned points are supportive than Sasa Yoga will give its best results to the native.

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Always remember any yoga in astrology does not work in isolation and one yoga can not make or break you. And I can do the same for you which can help you to realize your full potential with your life report and plan better for the future.

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Sasa Yoga - Bestowed by Planet Saturn (Sani) in Ascendant / Kendra

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Example: Bhagavan Sri Ramachandra had all the noble qualities and is ever worshiped as Purushothama. He enjoyed all the benefits of Hamsa yoga.

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He was highly learned in many arts and sciences and also in warefare. He has very strong Sasa yoga. He enjoyed all the benefits of Sasa yoga as an Emperor of the Universe. Sasha yoga in Vedic Astrology. Astrology Yoga for Foreign Travel and Journeys. Astrology Yoga for Foreign Travel and Journeys — 1.

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Maha Bhagya Yoga - A very auspicious Yoga/ combination

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Concept of Panchang and Theory of Mahayogi in Astrology

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